1st VLC Philosophy Workshop: Self-Knowledge, Moral Responsibility and Authenticity (November 8-9, 2018)

In this Workshop, we will explores various ways to connect the current debate about self-knowledge and the debate about moral responsability and, in general, about the question ‘How should one live?’


Sala de Graus
Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences
Av. Blasco Ibáñez, 30
46010-Valencia (Spain)


Maria Alvárez (King’s College London)
Virginia Ballesteros (University of Valencia)
Ana L. Batalla (University of Valencia)
Christopher Bennett (University of Sheffield)
Marta Cabrera (University of Valencia)
Josep E. Corbí (University of Valencia)
Stefaan Cuypers (KU Leuven, Institute of Philosophy)
Tobies Grimaltos (University of Valencia)
Carlos Moya (University of Valencia)
Eduardo Ortiz (Catholic University of Valencia)
Carlos Patarroyo (University El Rosario)
Chon Tejedor (University of Valencia)


Josep E. Corbí (University of Valencia)
Carlos Moya (University of València)


Self-Knowledge, Moral Responsibility, and Authenticity (FFI2016-75323-P)