Manuel de Pinedo (Universidad de Granada): Love: an epistemological investigation

21 October, 2022 @ 11:30 am – 1:30 pm

It’s common to assume that, whatever love is an openness to, its parciality is incompatible with the rational demands of knowledge adquisition, transmission and maintenance (and of ethical judgement). Behind this assumpion there is a more or less explicit commitment to a neutral conception of reason, a conception according to which evaluative premises (“I trust her testimony because I love her”, “We must contribute to the incorporation of racialised people to higher education institutions, because it is unfair that they don’t have equal opportunities”) contaminate the rational credentials of an argument. In contrast, I will argue, following, for once, Plato’s steps, but mostly the steps of Murdoch, McDowell, Diamond, Crary and Srinivasan, that love is an irrepleacable and constituve condition of self-knowledge and of knowledge in general.