María Caamaño (Universidad de Valladolid): Construct Validity and Meaningful Experimentation

28 June, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Abstract: Construct validity concerns the extent to which a particular set of empirical indicators represents a given theoretical concept, that is, the extent to which independent and dependent operative variables truly represent the abstract, hypothetical variables of interest to the scientist (Cronbach & Meehl 1955, Shadish, Cook, & Campbell 2002, Pelham & Blanton 2003). Experimental results are often important in so far as they can be interpreted as evidence for a postulated causal relation, however, experimental validity is still mainly assessed on the basis of the internal/external validity dichotomy. My talk is focused on the distinctive importance of construct validity and its interplay with the other two kinds of validity (Harrison & List 2004, Harrison 2005, Levitt & List 2007, Cook, Tang & Diamond 2014, Chytilová & Maialeh 2015, Deaton & Cartwright 2018, Pearl & Mackenzie 2018, Esterling et al. 2021, Jiménez-Buedo & Russo 2021). Some potential implications for the Duhem-Quine problem will also be discussed.