Philosophy of Action and Moral Psychology

Brief description: We will be reading recent papers in philosophy of action and moral psychology about action, intention, voluntariness, freedom, moral responsibility, retributive attitudes, and so on.

Preliminary Schedule:
Sessions will take place every Wednesday from 17pm to 19pm. The preliminary schedule is as follows:


The Shape of Agency by Joshua Shepherd (open access)

14/12/2022: 1. Introduction + 2. Control’s Possession

18/01/2023: 3. Non-deviant Causation

01/02/2023: 4. Varietals of Control’s Exercise

15/02/2023: 5. Intentional Action (until 5.5 included)

01/03/2023: 5. Intentional Action (from 5.6. on)


07/03/2023: The Province of Human Agency by Anton Ford

29/03/2023: Are Actions Bodily Movements? by Michael Smith

24/05/2023: Anscombe’s Intention and Practical Knowledge by Michael Thompson

07/06/2023: Reasons for Action, Acting for Reasons, and Rationality by María Álvarez

21/06/2023: The Essential Superficiality of the Voluntary and the Moralization of Psychology by Matthieu Queloz

Work in progress:

03/05/2023: A Defense of Conjuctive Volitionalism by Carlos Jaén

Coordinators: Christian Carbonell and Sergi Rosell