Phronesis | Analytic Philosophy Group

Phronesis is a research group based in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Valencia. We work primarily on core issues in the philosophy of mind and in the philosophy of language, but we are also interested in other fields such as ethics or aesthetics. One of the chief aim of the group is to encourage the adoption of the standards of clarity and rigour characteristic of analytic philosophy in research areas that, in our institutional context, are usually reserved to continental approaches. Phronesis is a foundational partner of VLC Philosophy Lab

Virgina Ballesteros
Ana Batalla
Jose V. Vicente Bonet
Gemma Celestino
Claudia Compte
Josep E. Corbí
Alejandro Fontcuberta
Miracle Garrido
Joan Gimeno
Tobies Grimaltos
Edgar Maraguat
Carlos Moya
Eduardo Ortiz
Sergi Rosell
Pablo Rychter
Lino San Juan
Chon Tejedor
Jordi Valor

Conferences, talks and reading groups organized by Phronesis are announced and updated in VLC Philosophy Lab.

Josep E. Corbí (josep.corbi (at) or Carles Moya (carlos.moya (at)

Self-Knowledge, Moral Responsibility, and Authenticity (FFI2016-75323-P)

Nomos Network for Applied Philosophy
Quaderns de Filosofia
The Blasco Chair in Philosophy and Citizenship
The Philosophical Society of the Valencian Country
The Spanish Society in Analytic Philosophy