The Philosophy of Film 2020-21

This is a monthly Reading Group on films. We will discuss various films in light of the comments provided by Robert Pippin and Stanley Cavell in various places. The movies are to be seen independently. We will typically meet from 5pm to 7pm the last Friday of the month. This Reading Group is organised in cooperation with Logos and Aresmur.

23-October: Hitchcock, A. The Rear Window | R. Pippin Filmed Thought (2020).
27-November: Almódovar Talk with her | R. Pippin Filmed Thought ( 2020).
28-December: Bergman, Cries and Whispers | R. Wood, Ingmar Bergman (2009)
22-January: Cukor Adam’s Rib | St. Cavell, Pursuits of Happiness (1981).
19-February: Cukor. Gaslight | St. Cavell, Contesting Tears (1996).
19-March: Buñuel, Belle de jour | Duprat de Montero, A., ‘The Intertextual Presence of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Belle de jour.
23-April: Akerman, La Captive | Kate Rennebohm.
21-May: Hitchock, Vertigo | Katalin Makkai.
18-June: Lynch, Muholland Drive | Toidd McGown, ‘Lost on Mullholland Drive’
23-July: Coen’s Brothers, The Man Who Wasn’t There | George Wilson, Seeing Fictions in Films (2011)


Video conference via Zoom


Mariajo Alcaraz (University of Murcia)
Aaron Alvárez-González (University of Barcelona)
Paloma Atencia (UNED)
Matilde Carrasco (University of Murcia)
Javier Castellote (University of Valencia)
Filippo Contesi (University of Barcelona)
Josep E. Corbí (University of València)
Byron Davies (UNAM, México)
Manuel García-Carpintero (University of Barcelona)
Nemesio García-Carril (university of Murcia)
Miracle Garrido (Valencia Philosophy Lab)
Carmen Martínez (University of València)
Eduardo Ortiz (Catholic University of València)
Francisca Pérez Carreño (University of Murcia)
Andrea Rivadulla (University of Barcelona)
Salvador Rubio (University of Murcia)
Enrico Terrone (University of Barcelona)

Josep E. Corbí (University of Valencia)
Manuel García-Carpintero (University of Barcelona)

josep.corbi #
m.garciacarpintero #


The Significance of First-Person Attitudes (FFI2016-80588-R7)
Normative Aspects of Aesthetic Appreciation (PID2019-106351GB-I00)
Eliminativism, Fictionalism, and Expressivism (PID2019-106420GA-I00) *


* Grant  PID2019-106420GA-I00 funded by MCIN/AEI/ 10.13039/501100011033.