The Philosophy of Film 2021-22

This is a monthly Reading Group on films. We will discuss various films in light of the comments provided by philosophers such as Stanley Cavell, Robert Pippin, George Wilson and some others. The movies are to be seen independently. We will typically meet from 5pm to 7pm the last Friday of the month. This Reading Group is organised in cooperation with Logos and Aresmur.


17-September: Coen Brothers, Fargo (1996)
22-October: T. Malick, The Thin Red Line (1998)
10-November: Errol Morris, The Thin Blue Line (1988)
17-December: Buster Keaton, The General (1926)
21-January: Stanley Kubrick, 2001 A Space Odissey (2001)
18-February: Steven Spielberg, A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)
18-March: Ridley Scott, Blade Runner (1982)
22-April: Carl Th. Dreyer, Ordet (1955)
27-May: Barbara Lode, Wanda (1970)
17-June: Jean Eustache, Le Mamman et la Putain (1973)
15-July: D. Linch, Blue Velvet (1984)


Video conference via Zoom


Mariajo Alcaraz (University of Murcia)
Aaron Alvárez-González (University of Barcelona)
Paloma Atencia (UNED)
Matilde Carrasco (University of Murcia)
Javier Castellote (University of Valencia)
Filippo Contesi (University of Barcelona)
Josep E. Corbí (University of València)
Byron Davies (UNAM, México)
Manuel García-Carpintero (University of Barcelona)
Nemesio García-Carril (university of Murcia)
Francisca Pérez Carreño (University of Murcia)
Andrea Rivadulla (University of Barcelona)
Salvador Rubio (University of Murcia)
Chon Tejedor (University of Valencia)
Enrico Terrone (University of Barcelona)


Josep E. Corbí (University of Valencia)
Manuel García-Carpintero (University of Barcelona)


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m.garciacarpintero #


Normative Aspects of Aesthetic Appreciation (PID2019-106351GB-I00)
Eliminativism, Fictionalism, and Expressivism (PID2019-106420GA-I00)
The Philosophy of Hybrid Representations (PID2020-119588GB-I00)