The Philosophy of Film 2019-2020

This is a Summer Reading Group on films. Having independently seen the movies that George Wilson comments in alternative chapters of his 1988 book Narration in Light (Fritz Lang’s You Only Live Once, Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, Ophüls’ Letter from an Unknown Woman, von Sternberg’s The Devil Is a Woman, Ray’s Rebel without a Cause), we will discuss his commentary on each of them, and the view on narration in film that he articulates through it – which he somehow revised in later work. This Reading Group is organised in cooperation with Logos and Aresmur.

10-July: Fritz Lang, You Only Live Once | Wilson 1988: 16-38.
17-July: John Ford, The Searchers | Wilson 1988: 45-61.
24-July: Alfred Hitchcock, North by Northwest | Wilson 1988: 62-81.
31-Aug: Max Ophüls, Letter from an Unknown Woman | Wilson 1988: 103-125.
7-Aug: Joseph von Sternberg, The Devil Is a Woman | Wilson 1988: 145-165.
14-Aug: Nicholas Ray, Rebel without a Cause | Wilson 1988: 191-208.
21-Aug: Ingmar Bergman, Persona | R. Wood, Ingmar Bergman, Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2013, 186-238.


Video conference via Zoom


Paloma Atencia (UNAM)
Mariajo Alcaraz (University of Murcia)
Matilde Carrasco (University of Murcia)
Filippo Contesi (University of Barcelona)
Josep E. Corbí (University of València)
Manuel García-Carpintero (University of Barcelona)
Miracle Garrido (Valencia Philosophy Lab)
Carmen Martínez (University of València)
Eduardo Ortiz (Catholic University of València)
Francisca Pérez Carreño (University of Murcia)
Salvador Rubio (University of Murcia)
Enrico Terrone (University of Barcelona)

Josep E. Corbí (University of Valencia)
Manuel García-Carpintero (University of Barcelona)

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Self-Knowledge, Moral Responsibility, and Authenticity (FFI2016-75323-P)
The Significance of First-Person Attitudes (FFI2016-80588-R7)
Normative Aspects of Aesthetic Appreciation (PID2019-106351GB-I00
Eliminativism, Fictionalism, and Expressivism (PID2019-106420GA-I00)