Valencia Colloquium in Philosophy

Unless otherwise noted, all conferences will take place every two Fridays from 11:30am to 1:30pm at the Department of Philosophy seminar room (Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences, ground floor, room F11). We will try to follow the guidelines for respectful, constructive, and inclusive philosophical discussion.



Academic year 2022/2023 calendar

21/10/2022: Manuel de Pinedo (Universidad de Granada): Love: an epistemological investigation (abstract)

28/10/2022: Carlos Moya (Universitat de València): Responsibility, Control, and Expression (abstract)

04/11/2022: Youichi Matsusaka (Tokyo Metropolitan University): Further Words on Words: A Naturalistic Approach to the Ontology of Linguistic Entities (abstract)

18/11/2022: Neri Marsili (Universitat de Barcelona, Logos): Lying, Misleading, and Deniability (abstract)

02/12/2022: Joey Pollock (University of Oslo): Do testimonial exchanges preserve content? (abstract)

20/01/2023: Pilar Terrés Villalonga (Universidad de Salamanca): TBA

27/01/2023: Carla Bagnoli (Modena) and Christopher Bennett (Sheffield): The Emotions: Their Expression and Their Manipulation

10/02/2023: José Martínez (Universitat de Barcelona): TBA

24/02/2023: Martin Kusch (Universität Wien): Wittgenstein and Relativism

10/03/2023: Matheus Valente (Universitat de València):TBA

24/03/2023: Christopher Peacocke (Columbia University): TBA

28/04/2023: José Luis Bermúdez (Texas A&M University) : TBA

05/05/2023: Anna Giustina (Universitat de València): TBA

19/05/2023: Manuel Almagro (Universitat de València): TBA

02/06/2023: Benjamin Matheson (Universitat de València): TBA

16/06/2023: TBA

Organisers: Jordi Valor, Víctor Verdejo, Joan Camarena, Javier Castellote, and Carmen Martínez.

Research Project PID2019-106420GA-I00 funded by MCIN/AEI/ 10.13039/501100011033.