Valencia Colloquium in Philosophy

Unless otherwise noted, all conferences will take place every two Fridays from 11:00am to 1:00pm at the Department of Philosophy seminar room (Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences, ground floor, room F11). We will try to follow the guidelines for respectful, constructive, and inclusive philosophical discussion.


Academic year 2021/22 calendar 

01/10/2021: Fernando Broncano (Universidad Carlos III): La dimensión política de la epistemología (abstract). Cancelled.

08/10/2021: Víctor J. Luque (Universitat de València): On how the Price equation can unify evolutionary biology (abstract)

22/10/2021: Tomáš Marvan (Czech Academy of Sciences): The finishing line of consciousness: Towards unconscious qualitative character (abstract). This talk will be held only via online.

05/11/2021: Pia Campeggiani (Università di Bologna): Deep Continuity: Aristotle on Animal Emotions (abstract)

19/11/2021: Miguel Ángel Sebastián (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México): TBA 

03/12/2021: Michael Kremer (University of Chicago): TBA

17/12/2021: Carmen Martínez-Sáez (Universitat de València): TBA

28/01/2022: Josep Macià (Universitat de Barcelona): TBA

11/02/2022: TBA

25/02/2022: Paula-Irene Villa Braslavsky (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich): TBA

11/03/2022: Andrea Iacona (Università di Torino): TBA

25/03/2022: TBA

08/04/2022: TBA

29/04/2022: TBA

13/05/2022: TBA

27/05/2022: TBA

10/06/2022: Camil Golub (Rutgers University-Newark.): TBA



Organisers: Marc Artiga, Jordi Valor, Víctor Verdejo, Javier Castellote, and Carmen Martínez-Sáez.