This site is maintained by a group of researchers at the Philosophy Department of the University of Valencia working within the analytic tradition broadly conceived. We promote the interaction with other philosophers and groups working within this tradition.

Two research groups are associated to the  VLC Philosophy Lab (Click the logotypes below for more detailed information):


Phrónesis is a research group of analytic philosophers. Like other analytic research groups in Continental Europe, we work on central issues in the philosophy of language, the philosophy of mind, logic, metaphysics and epistemology, but we are also interested in other fields like ethics and aesthetics. One of our chief aims is to cultivate and promote the kind of clear and rigorous research typical of analytic philosophy in fields traditionally reserved, in our institutional context, to continental approaches.



Méthodos is a research group focused on philosophy and methodology of science, as well as on the philosophy of particular sciences. Its members work in topics such as philosophy of probability, philosophy of economics, philosophy of biology and the problem of demarcation.


The Valencia Philosophy Lab is open to establish collaborations with other research groups, philosophy departments and academic institutions. Currently, we are co-organizing workshops, seminars and reading groups with Aresmur, LOGOS, Madrid Philosophy Network, Nomos Network for Applied Philosophy, Josep Lluís Blasco Chair of Philosophy and Citizenship, and the Department of Analytic Philosophy of the Institute of Philosophy of the Czech Academy of Science.