Colloquium 2020/21

Unless otherwise noted, all conferences will take place every two Fridays from 11:30am to 1:30pm at the Department of Philosophy seminar room (Faculty of Philosophy and Education Sciences, ground floor, room F11). We will try to follow the guidelines for respectful, constructive, and inclusive philosophical discussion.

Academic year 2020/21 calendar 

02/10/2020: Tobies Grimaltos (Universitat de València): Creure que p i creure que p és veritat. Història d’una idea (abstract)

16/10/2020: Dan López de Sa (ICREA & Universitat de Barcelona): Women Beyond Kinds (abstract)

30/10/2020: Saúl Pérez-González (Universitat de València) and Elena Rocca (Norwegian University of Life Sciences): Mechanistic knowledge and decision-making in the clinical setting (abstract)

20/11/2020: Marta Cabrera (Universitat de València): The Self in Emotions: Reflexivity, Proportionality and Narcissism (abstract)

11/12/2020: Curie Virág (University of Edinburgh): The Metaphysics of Pleasure in Early China (abstract)

29/01/2021: Javier Castellote (Universitat de València): Violencia y lenguaje: una relación no instrumental (abstract)

12/02/2021: Eliot Michaelson (King’s College London): Insincerity Pluralized, and then Moralized (abstract)

26/02/2021: María de Ponte (UPV-EHU) & Kepa Korta (UPV-EHU): Frege and his circumstances. A take on Frege’s theory of meaning (abstract)

12/03/2021: Paloma Atencia Linares (UNED): Inmersión narrativa como fenómeno atencional (abstract)

26/03/2021: Cristina Borgoni (University of Bayreuth): Norms of First-Person Authority (abstract)

16/04/2021: Jordi Valor (Universitat de València): Some Consequences of the Prosentential Theory of Truth (abstract)

30/04/2021: José Díez (Universitat de Barcelona): Between structure and function, a syncretic account of scientific representation (abstract)

14/05/2021: Pilar Lopez-Cantero (Tilburg University): Falling in Love (abstract)

28/05/2021: Ángelo Briones (IIF/SADAF/CONICET/UBA): Brief commentary on substances and their mereological aspects (abstract)

11/06/2021: Quassim Cassam (Warwick University): Extremism: For and Against (abstract)

28/06/2021: María Caamaño (Universidad de Valladolid): Construct Validity and Meaningful Experimentation (abstract)

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