Deceptive Representations

Duration: 2023-2026
Code: CISEJI/2023/51

Principal Investigator: Marc Artiga (UV)

The goal of the project is to combine two lines of research: an analysis of the notion of representation (as employed, for instance, in cognitive science and biology) and the phenomenon of deception. The initial hypothesis is that there are powerful and underexplored connections between the nature of representations and central questions about deception. Indeed, the influence might go in both directions: what we know about deception can be used to argue for certain interesting claims concerning representational mechanisms and, similarly, general claims about representational phenomena can inform our view on certain specific questions involving deception. Both in philosophy and the relevant scientific areas these concepts have largely been studied in isolation.

A detailed exploration of these ideas will be structured in three modules:

(M1) Foundational issues on the concepts of representation and deception, focusing on those issues that can potentially be used to build bridges between them.

(M2) To analyse different kinds of deceptive states and their relevance for certain philosophical and scientific debates on representations in cognitive science, behavioral ecology and botany.

(M3) To show that some central questions on the concept of representation have significant consequences for key questions on the notion of deception.

Funded by Generalitat Valenciana – Conselleria d’Educació, Universitats i Ocupació.