Rationality and Intersubjectivity

The RG will run online, roughly fortnightly (one session every two/three weeks, ideally two). Day/Time to be determined.

During this first semester, we will be looking into two different themes: (1) Perspectival (First-person) Thought; (2) Communication & Testimony. The list of tentative readings is as follows, although any further suggestions are always welcome:

Theme 1: Perspectival (First-Person) Thought

1. Ninan, D. (2021) – De Se Attitudes and Action, In Stephen Biggs & Heimir Geirsson (eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Linguistic Reference. Routledge (2021): https://philpapers.org/rec/NINDSA-3

2. List, C. (draft) – The first-personal argument against physicalismhttps://philarchive.org/archive/LISTFA

3. Caie, M. & Ninan, D (forthcoming) – First-Person Propositions. Philosopher’s Imprinthttps://philpapers.org/archive/CAIFPE.pdf

4. Cappelen, H. & Dever, J. (2021) – Acting Without Me: Corporate Agency and the First Person Perspective, In Stephen Biggs & Heimir Geirsson (eds.), Routledge Handbook of Linguistic Reference. Routledge (2021): https://philarchive.org/rec/CAPAWT

Theme 2: Communication & Testimony:

1. Abreu Zavaleta, M. (2019) – Communication and Variance. Topoi 40 (1):147-169. https://philpapers.org/rec/ZAVCAV

2. Onofri, A. (2022) – Two Pictures Of Communication: From Content Identity to Coordination. Synthese 200(4), 1-20. https://philpapers.org/rec/ONOTPO-3

3. Peet, A. (2019) – Knowledge-yielding communicationPhilosophical Studies 176, 3303–3327. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11098-018-1175-7

4. Pollock, J. (2023) – Testimonial Knowledge and Content Preservation. Philosophical Studies (2023). https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11098-023-02030-5


Víctor M. Verdejo and Valen Simpson. If interested, please send a message to vmverdejo@gmail.com or valensimpson@gmail.com.

Eliminativism, FIctionalism, and Expressivism. The possibility of a negative metaphysical veredict about a discourse D (PID2019-106420GA-100) *

* Grant  PID2019-106420GA-I00 funded by MCIN/AEI/ 10.13039/501100011033.