Workshop: Sharing Thoughts

17 September, 2021 – 19 September, 2021 all-day
University of Valencia

The VLC Philosophy Lab is pleased to announce the workshop Sharing Thoughts. The workshop will be held online via Zoom from 17 to 19 September 2021.


It is a familiar idea that an adequate account of thought and its constituent concepts—as well as mental content and meaning more generally—must allow them to be suitably public or shareable. However, while it is fair to take one form or other of this shareability constraint to be hailed by a majority of philosophers, significant unclarity remains about how exactly we should understand shareability and intersubjectivity; the scope it must have in our accounts; and how it sits with other important constraints involved in the communication and coordination of thoughts and concepts.

This workshop will bring together an exceptional roster of authors to discuss the newest philosophical perspectives on this set of issues. The speakers will present versions of the material to be contributed to an edited volume, under contract with Oxford University Press.

Confirmed speakers

Aidan Gray (Illinois-Chicago)

Andrea Onofri (U. A. San Luis de Potosí)

Christopher Peacocke (Columbia)

François Recanati (Collège de France)

François Schroeter (Melbourne)

Guy Longworth (Warwick)

Imogen Dickie (Toronto)

Joey Pollock (Oslo)

José Luis Bermúdez (Texas A&M)

Laura Schroeter (Melbourne)

Manuel García-Carpintero (Logos/Barcelona)

Sarah Sawyer (Sussex)

Simon Prosser (St Andrews)


10:10-10:20  Welcome
10:20-11:35  Simon Prosser – Shared Egocentric Thoughts
11:35-12:50  Manuel García-Carpintero – Coordination and Presuppositions
12:50-15:50  Time-zone break
15:50-17:05  Imogen Dickie – Joint Cognitive Focus
17:05-18:20  Andrea Onofri – Perspectives on Coordination in Communication
18:20-18:25  Short break
18:25-19:40  Aidan Gray – Thinking the Same-ish
09:00-10:15  Laura Schroeter and François Schroeter – Strict and Relaxed Concepts
10:15-11:30  François Recanati – Shared Modes of Presentation?
11:30-11:35  Short break
11:35-12:35  Round table 1: Coordination
12:35-15:50  Time-zone break
15:50-17:05  Guy Longworth – Thinking Together
17:05-18:20  Christopher Peacocke – Communication in Music
18:20-18:25  Short break
18:25-19:25  Round table 2: Intersubjectivity
10:10-11:25  Joey Pollock – Radical Holism, Shared Content, and Disagreement
11:25-12:40  Sarah Sawyer – Shared Concepts and Individual Conceptions
12:40-15:50  Time-zone break
15:50-17:05  José Luis Bermúdez – Frames, Senses, and Sameness of Thought
17:05-17:10  Short break
17:10-18:10  Round table 3: Identity
18:10  Closure


Attendance is free but registration is required. To register, please send an email to  no later than 15 September.

Organized by Matheus Valente (CLE/UNICAMP), Víctor M. Verdejo (University of Valencia) and José Luis Bermúdez (Texas A&M).

This initiative belongs to the VLC Philosophy Workshop series (3rd edition) and is supported by the Spanish Government (grants EFE-VMN PID2019-106420GA-I00 and PGC2018-093982-B-I00) and the Department of Philosophy (Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Sciences – University of Valencia). This workshop is also supported by the São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) through contract 2020/11116-3.